The Art of Butchery
Pig Breakdown

pig butchery

Monday, August 27th at 11:00 AM
Price : $199 + tax
Location : Viaggio Ristorante 1055 Hamburg TPK, Wayne NJ,07470

We are creating a dream for industry professionals to expand their knowledge with a hands on butchery demonstration here at Viaggio.

Chef Robbie invites you into his kitchen as he walks you through his step by step process of whole pig butchery from start to finish. He recommends bringing some of your tools and a Chefs coat if you’d like to join the action, assist him, and get your hands dirty.

This is a huge part of Viaggio is and represents. Throughout Chef Robbie’s journey he has learned along the way how important it is to know where your products are coming from and how they are raised. This respect translates into his food and its freshness. Robbie used to run he Salumi and whole animal program as a Sous Chef out in Las Vegas. After that he toured Europe and saw how differently they ate in comparison to how we do in the United States. Everything he ate was fresh from the bread to the produce to the proteins and how they were raised, humanely.


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