WAYNE, N.J.– The name of Robbie Felice’s soon-to-be opened Wayne eatery, Viaggio Ristorante, is a nod to both his Italian heritage and his experience.
“Viaggio” translates to travel or journey.

“I feel like what makes you who you are as a chef is all your experiences,” said Felice, 25, who worked at restaurants across the U.S. and Europe after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America

He began by washing dishes at his father’s Denville restaurant, Casa Di Amici.

“He would pay me $20 a night,” Felice said. “I thought I was the man.”

Felice later interned at chef Mario Bateli’s Manhattan restaurant, Babbo, before working the pasta station at Batelli’s B&B Ristorante in Las Vegas.

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