Millennials and other adventuresome diners have developed a taste for the eight-armed cephalopod.
by Esther Davidowitz

In a surprise turnabout for what was once considered a fringe delicacy, octopus is now about as common on restaurant menus as crab cakes and chicken wings.

“It’s the ‘in’ thing now,” said Robbie Felice, chef and owner of Viaggio Ristorante, a modern Italian restaurant in Wayne. “It’s almost a cliché.” A cliché that Felice can’t take off his menu “without risking death,” he said. His charred octopus appetizer may be his No. 1 dish. “If it’s not No. 1, it’s close,” he said.

The irony is that, back in the day, the weird-looking eight-armed large-headed cephalopod was cheap. Today, as many millennials and and more than a few of their parents have developed a craving for it, octopus has become expensive. READ MORE…

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